Commercial Auto Versus Personal Auto

Protect your assets   
Why Business Auto
1)      In the event of an accident the owner of the vehicle and the driver are sued. If the vehicle is used for business the company is also sued. To protect your personal assets it is better to have the car leased to the company or have the title in the company name.
2)      Tax advantages:
a.       The payments for the vehicle can be written off               
b.      If you personally own the vehicle you can lease it to the company to get the tax write off 
c.       All maintenance and repairs can be written off  
d.      Fuel  also can be written off as a company expense
3)      With all auto insurance the vehicle is covered, but the rating is based on the driver the better the driving record the better the rate. With a business policy, you have the advantage of picking the drivers with good driving records. Remember the vehicle is always covered the rate is based on the driver.
4)      Insurance Companies always ask for a drivers list for a new policy or prior to renewal. You should get MVR's ahead of time so you can see the records of your drivers. It helps to keep your rates down and also it lets you know if you have a driver that shouldn't be driving. Driving a company vehicle is a privilege; make sure your employees know that. If they know you are checking their driving records they will think twice or risk losing the job. 5)      This is a website that can help insure your drivers have good driving records                                                          
6)      With a business auto policy you can usually get high limits for less or equal to what you are paying for a personal policy; plus protect your assets. Also, personal Auto policies are credit rated for pricing. Most business Auto policies do not credit rate.
7)      If you only have a business auto Policy and no personal auto policy; make sure you have drive other vehicle coverage on your business policy  So if you use someone else is car for personal use and are sued you will have coverage.
8)      Non owned and hired auto:
a.       If your employee or 1099 sub (with no Business Insurance) is using his vehicle for work, going to the bank or post office and get into an accident the business will be sued. The drivers insurance will cover first; if his insurance isn't enough to pay for the accident the companies insurance will cover secondary. Without this coverage you have no coverage.
When buying a personal vehicle, if the vehicle is in both names (husband & wife) and you are sued, you are also putting your assets at risk; if you do not have enough coverage to cover the cost of the accident. 
If the vehicle is in the name of the husband OR the wife only, not both; you are only risking half your assets; if there is not enough insurance to cover the accident. So make sure you understand how much insurance you have, and what you are covered for. An umbrella policy can help to make sure you have enough coverage.